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The FPS Constructor 1.0 Package has been released on the Unity Asset Store!

The FPS Constructor is an easy to use system for making First Person Shooters. Create any weapon you could imagine, from an automatic rifle to an orbital laser, and have them working in minutes! Simple to use, but flexible enough to make the game YOU want to make. You can easily make a modern FPS game, with features like secondary weapons/attachments, bullet penetration, and aim-down-sights, but you could also make something completely different.

  • All the features of a modern shooter
  • Easy art integration
  • Limitless weapon possibilities
  • 10 example weapons
  • Environmental effects

We'll be putting up more previews and videos in the near future, but for now you can check out the demo scene and documentation to get a sense of how the package works.

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Asset Store Link

Documentation PDF

Web Player


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Unity Forum Thread

Active Den Upgrades and Store Package

The Active Den Upgrades and Store Package is not yet compatible with the FPS Constructor 1.0. We will be removing it from Active Den in the near future and making it available on the Unity Asset Store - either as part of the core package or as an add-on. If you have already purchased on Active Den please contact us with your proof of purchase and we will provide a discount on the new package - details to be determined.

FPS Constructor - Weapons Package 0.95

We will continue to make the 095 package available as a free download but will not be updating it

This package speeds the development of your Unity-based FPS games by making it easy to create and integrate weapons into your project.

The package includes the scripts and prefabs needed to make FPS weapons as well as fully animated weapon models, tutorials and a demo scene to help you get started. Note: Please review the tutorials on the right for instructions on setting up the environment

This package is offered at no charge under the following Licensing Terms

Demo Scene

Download FPS Constructor Weapons Package V 0.95

View Changelog)

0.95 Features

A single weapon script which can be used for guns, lasers, melee weapons or launchers

Weapons can have both primary and secondary functions (such as a rifle with a grenade launcher on it)

Includes Aim-Down-Sights capability for weapons (as seen in such games as Borderlands and Modern Warfare 2)

Make weapon add-ons such as sights, scopes, and attached secondary weapons

Realistic accuracy: muzzle climb and bullet spread increase as weapons are fired

Smart crosshair adapts to the accuracy of the weapons

Player Controller can sprint, jump and crouch

Weapons sway realistically as the player moves

The weapon management script makes it easy to give the player weapons (up to 10 at once)

Custom Editors make configuration fast and easy

Currently in Beta release

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